LGBT+ Pride Month - Paige Dixon


Paige Dixon is simply an amazing person. Having served in the military she is now running for Texas House District 65. That’s just what she fills her time with when she isn’t being a dedicated and amazing mother.

Paige is a very driven ally of the LGBTQ+ community. She is passionate about the equal rights of all people and has a compassion that I have seen in only a handful of people in my life. It was my honor to have Paige come in and be part of this project.


Hi, my name is Paige Dixon, and I am running for Texas State Representative House District 65.

TMP: What does Pride Month mean to you?


Pride month means so much to me. I think when we think of pride month we really think about celebration and parade and buying colorful, wonderful t-shirts, but it goes so much deeper than that. Pride month really came out of a place where people begin to stand up for themselves and fight for their right to be recognized as human beings and to have the same freedoms that the rest of us have. I feel like as an ally, understanding that pride is definitely an opportunity to celebrate with people in the LGBTQ community, but also I think that it's a good opportunity for us as allies to really take inventory of how we could be better allies for the community.

TMP: For those that feel they are alone and unable to come out, what message do you have for them?


I would say you're not alone, and I would say that whether you're out or not, you are still valid. You're still cherished and cared for, and there are still a number of people who want, like myself, who would love to fight for you and make sure that you have the same freedoms as everyone else. Just because you're not out doesn't mean that you're not valid.

TMP: As an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, what advice would you give to others that also like to be an ally?


You know the best way to be an ally is first to get educated, to get involved in the community, to talk to the people that you're wanting to be an ally for, and also sometimes people will say they want to be allies, but they kind of want to take over other people's causes. What you have to realize first and foremost as an ally is you're there to fight with that community and to be to raise your voice for that community and not to take over their fight.

TMP: What is something that you would like to say to those viewing this, that we have not specifically covered?


My best advice would be to talk to people within the LGBTQ community and ask them, "How can I fight for you? How can I do a better job at being an ally for you? What do you need me to do? How can I use my voice?" I think that people miss that about ally-ship. We kind of take over things, and that's not good ally-ship. Good ally-ship is, "I'm here for you, and I want to support you and your community in any way that you want me to do that. You tell me what I need to do. That's how you can be the best ally."

I am so grateful to have allies like Paige helping us to work toward a more loving and understanding world. To use her voice and her platform to speak out against the injustices that are seen. If you would like to learn more about Paige you can visit her campaign page over at: