Business Headshots

Your Face. Your Brand. Your Success.

The quality of your brand can either make or break your business, and your headshot is an integral piece of that brand. Don’t let bad portraits ruin your image with potential clients or employers.


“I’m not photogenic.” “I don’t look good in photos.” “Hope I don’t break your camera.” Have you ever uttered any of these phrases? Being photogenic is actually really simple.

Be rested


Be comfortable


Be yourself


THAT’S IT! It’s really that easy.

Everything else is up to the photographer.



Business Headshots
Business Headshots

As a professional your business headshot is paramount to your success. The confidence and professionalism that a professional headshot will bring to your portfolio or LinkedIn profile will elevate you above the rest.


A strong unified brand is the best way to establish your companies status as dependable, and dedicated to excellence. Whether it is for your internal company directory, listing your employees on the company website, or photos for employee badges, having professional corporate headshots of your staff will create a stronger more connected presence both internally and to the public.

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My number one mission is to provide the best experience possible, not only in customer service but in image quality too. In order to do that I knew I needed to train under the best. As one of only one hundred photographers in the world to be made an associate of Peter Hurley, I have invested my studies specifically to the art of headshot photography so that I can give you the best headshot experience possible.


Three key things that your headshot should do for you.

Make You Credible

Build rapport with those you do business with by showing that you understand the value of marketing yourself well. People are more likely to trust and do business with someone that uses a photo of themself on their profile.

Give You Exposure

A professional headshot will elevate you above the crowd, and present you at your very best to those you do business with. Investing in your branding with a quality image will make you stand out.

Increase Your Approachability

People will be drawn to you, and want to work with you, because you come across as someone that is professional and personable. The last thing you want is to appear angry, melancholy, or void of emotion.


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Terry is a true professional specializing in head-shots. The photos he delivered were fresh and seemed to capture my personality in ways other headshots failed to.  -Joseph Watson

Terry is a true professional specializing in head-shots. The photos he delivered were fresh and seemed to capture my personality in ways other headshots failed to.

-Joseph Watson

Love working with Terry and his attention to detail is amazing!!! Highly recommend!!  -Kat Glaze

Love working with Terry and his attention to detail is amazing!!! Highly recommend!!

-Kat Glaze

Super talented photographer and wonderfully kind human being to work with. Terry has a way of bringing out natural beauty. Highly recommended.  -Francis Vu

Super talented photographer and wonderfully kind human being to work with. Terry has a way of bringing out natural beauty. Highly recommended.

-Francis Vu


Everyone has a head, so why not have a headshot to show your amazing face to the world? A professional headshot will allow you to more fully connect with your audience. It will show that you value your personal branding. People that utilize a professionally taken headshot are more likely to be noticed when people are browsing profiles online. The following are just a few of the many industries that can win or lose business on the quality of their headshot.

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One question I get more than any other is, “How should I prepare for my headshot?” I have created a list of guidelines to best plan for your headshot session. It outlines what to wear and how to set yourself up for success. Even if you choose to go with another photographer these tips will make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge to end up with a great photo.


When someone thinks of your business is your face the one that comes to mind? Are you an author, public speaker, REALTOR, musician, actor, or even a photographer? If you are the face of your business then your branding should be a reflection of yourself. Your social media posts, your website, your marketing materials should have be uniquely tailored to reflect you. People want to work with people that they feel they know. If your branding doesn’t ever show people who you are, how can they ever feel that they know you? The best way to establish yourself in the eyes of your potential clients is to brand yourself as an expert and release content to your social media that shows you for who you are, you doing what it is you do. Allowing you to tell your story to anyone that could potentially need your services.



Set yourself apart from the mundane! Have a headshot taken that shows you at your absolute best. Everyone is unique, and that absolutely applies to you as well. Start with a leg up on your next interview with a business headshot that captures people’s attention. A photo that shows you are confident, approachable, and a leader of your field is the best way to do that. Are you ready to show the world how amazing you are? As a business professional you are always making connections with people. Especially so if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. You are your own brand, and it’s important that you show people who you truly are. Getting the best business headshot possible is much more than just a high quality photo of yourself. It is almost always how people form their first impression of you. Why would you allow that first impression to be anything other than your best self?

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One of the best ways to make your company or brand stand out is to have a unified look. If you list your executive team on your company website they should all be photographed in the same manner. Nothing looks less professional than viewing a business’ about page and their executive team or board of directors images are a hodgepodge of assembled photos. This doesn’t show potential clients or donors that you have a solid cohesion in your company. It will make people ask, “If they don’t care enough to represent themselves in a uniform way, how do I know they will be able to deliver what I need? If they are willing to cut corners on branding themselves are they going to cut corners on supplying my needs?” Don’t risk losing valuable revenue because you opted for anything less than the best branding possible when representing your leadership on your website.


Would you hire someone to work on your broken plumbing just because they own a wrench? Would you hire someone to service your car because they know how to drive? No, you seek out and hire professionals to take care of these kind of things. While it’s cliche and tired, it is very much true that you get what you pay for. Sure your friend might take a decent photo of you. In most cases though, you are not going to be doing yourself a service. Even among photographers there are different fields of specializing. When you are hiring someone to take your headshot what you are really needing is someone that understands the art behind headshots. There are little minor details that take your image from alright to amazing. Someone that understands how to light a face, how to guide you to the perfect angle, how to get a natural expression from you are all things that add up to creating the best image you have ever had taken of you. So you can either go for price, or you can go for value. In pretty much any scenario, value will always net you a better final image than going with the cheapest in the market.


My number one focus during the entire process from the first moment we talk about your needs to years after image delivery is what can I do to help you out. How can I solve your needs? If we are talking headshots or branding chances are you are needing to revamp your image, or possibly create it for the very first time. We will have an initial conversation so that I fully understand what you are needing the images for so that we can capture the best headshot and branded lifestyle photos of you and also tell the story that you are trying to convey. This is why I did away with arbitrary time constraints on headshot sessions. We will work until we have what you need. If we nail that in fifteen minutes or an hour and fifteen minutes we will take the time that you need to ensure that you leave with the best images you have ever seen of yourself. I want you to be at ease during your executive headshot experience because that is how we will capture you at your finest. We will review the clothing that you bring and I will help you to make decisions on what is going to be most flattering in terms of fit and color. Your clothes should be complementary to you, not the primary focus. We will do image reviews in real time during the shoot so that you can see the images that we are getting. I will coach you through the entire process to make sure that we are capturing you as the amazing person that you are. I have spent years studying the art of headshot photography under the leadership of Peter Hurley so that I can use all of that knowledge and expertise to give you the best experience possible when you step in front of my camera. Want to learn more? Contact me and let’s talk about your needs.


You are a busy person, and your time and money are precious. So why waste either of those on a substandard experience. During your headshot session you are the key focus. Your needs are the driving force behind the images that we create together. From the moment we first talk on the phone, to the day of the shoot, and after the images have been delivered, you are my top concern. Ensuring you have a pleasant experience from beginning to end is what sets a session with me apart from many. Having spent twenty years in customer service I have a unique background to make sure your needs are being met. That’s why there are no time limits, no clothing limits in my sessions. There is no need to create artificial barriers to creating amazing photos with you.


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